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Tumbled Walling

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Guest 140 darkened

Guest Coloured n Tumbled

Coloured and tumbled Punch Headingley

Darkened and tumbled walling/copings

parrellel sample

215mm Punched and Blasted

Extension to match

Coloured and tumbled Punch Headingley

Dark Tumbled with Sign and Tops

Parallel Punch

Tumbled Dry Walling

75mm and 100mm Tumbled Darkened

215mm New Punchface to match house with Masonary

Tumbled Delph

100mm Tumbled

Mixed Course Tumbled

Tumbled 4inch to match

Part Darkened and Tumbled

100 mm Darkened and tumbled

75 and 140mm Tumbled sand stone

Tumbled Delph Stone

Tumbled Heronbone Punchface

140 and 75mm Tumbled sand stone

Tumbled Limestone

Tumbled Limestone

140 and 75mm Lime Tumbled

Delivery service available

Flagstones bought for cash!

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